Episode 13

What's Next with Zoe Howorth

We talk to WACL member Zoe Howorth (Women in Advertising and Communication Leadership) on a range of topics from Olympic advertising for brands, leaning on her experiences as Marketing Director for Coca Cola UK . To 'Meat Free Mondays', an initiative, which has encouraged millions to reduce their meat intake, positively impacted the environment and raised climate change awareness. And finally Zoe discusses why working for businesses which puts emphasis on the 3 Ps of 'Profit, Planet & People' is rewarding and fits the emerging, accountable consumer mindset.

"Consumers want brands with good utility, have real purpose and are more than a commercial entity."


A classically trained marketer who began life at Procter and Gamble, benefiting from their world class graduate program with roles on market leading laundry brands Ariel and Daz. After stint at United Biscuits which built strong commercial awareness , Zoe joined the Coca-Cola Company in 1998. Over a 15 year period Zoe progressed from Brand Manager to Marketing Director, across this time she led the marketing campaigns from idea to execution across all of the brands , led international campaigns and worked in developing and rolling out marketing capability programs (The Coca-Cola way of Marketing) for the next generation.

In her final role as Marketing Director she oversaw Coca- Cola’s marketing of the 2012 Olympic games and also served for 3 years on the GB Leadership team which stewarded the whole business through the breadth of strategic, legal, HR, customer and corporate affairs.

Finally, Zoe was the lead interface with the companies Sales and distribution partners (Coca-Cola Enterprises) where her role was to deliver inspirational programs which could work ‘at the point of purchase’ in a collaborative way with the sales teams.

More recently, Zoe has transitioned into portfolio non executive roles and holds 3 board positions. The first of these is Water Babies International, a global baby swimming business, Playfinder , a tech business enabling the online booking of sports facilities across the UK. Finally, Zoe is Chair of Houston PR which is an innovative PR consultancy with excellent pedigree in both consumer and financial PR.

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