Episode 14

What's Next with Angus McIntosh

About Angus McIntosh

Angus has a wealth of senior-level, blue-chip Procurement experience. As a former Global and Regional CPO with Beiersdorf and Mars, controlling multiple billions of dollars in spend, he knows the function inside out. This means he can provide a uniquely frank and insightful perspective. Angus is also an experienced consultant and coach on Procurement and negotiation and leads Total Negotiation Group’s Procurement practice area. He is also a regular international speaker and writer on procurement and other commercial topics.

About the Podcast

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The What's Next Podcast
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Karim Kanji

Are you constantly thinking and preparing for What's Next? Our podcast seeks to gain a diverse perspective on What's Next for the working world, the real world, the virtual world, our careers, our planet, our businesses, our happiness, and much more! But don't worry, our big ideas are in 20-minute bite-sized chunks!

I'm your host Karim Kanji, and I am excited to share talks with business leaders, professors, specialists, authors, thinkers, basically the people who know their stuff on What's Next in their space. If you're as curious as I am about what's next, join me and invest 20 minutes of your day exploring big ideas and innovative thoughts.

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